You’re on Team Skirt if you prefer to wear skirts over pants. You’re on Team Pants if you prefer to wear pants over skirts. IMPORTANT: For the purpose of this poll, pants do NOT include jeans, but they do include casual pants like joggers, chinos, jeggings, utility pants and any style of dressier pant. All seasons and all silhouettes of skirt count.

My clientele are an even split. Generally, those who prefer to wear skirts do so because they find skirts easier to fit than pants, especially when they’re curvier in the thighs, bottom and hips. They feel more alluring, dressy, sharp, powerful, comfortable and feminine in a skirt. It’s breezy and practical in Summer. Skirts can be more fun than pants because of swooshing movement and the ability to showcase great gams. Skirts are Modern Retro and fabulous.

Those who prefer pants generally find them more comfortable to wear in colder weather and arctic Summer A/C. They are versatile, insulating and practical because you don’t need to worry about hosiery, heels, indecent exposure, dainty footwear, and the wind. They are easier to style than most skirts and create a naturally long lean line when they aren’t cropped. Pants are Modern and fabulous.

I like skirts and thoroughly enjoy wearing the few I have. I don’t find skirts with movement fussy and I like to wear hosiery. That said, I am firmly on Team Pants. I am always looking for fun new pant silhouettes to wear in cold weather — especially in patterns and brights. I get very bored of blue jeans and don’t wear leggings or athleisure. I love wearing pants for their practical reasons, and find them an easy match with the type of footwear that suits my feet and lifestyle.

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Skirt or Team Pants (remember: no jeans)? Tell us why. No batting for both teams. If you can’t pick a side, feel free to hang out on the bench where I’m serving ahi tuna with wasabi dressing and seaweed salad. Leonidas chocolate for dessert.

RACHEL Rachel Roy Ruffle Track Pant

Violeta Zips Pencil Skirt