Here’s a look at some of the Autumn 2018 trends that are starting to pop up online and in Fall editions of the big fashion magazines.

Fab Links from Our Members

Pil wanted to share this article about personal stylists training bots to be personal stylists.

As a person who loves colour and rounded lines, The Cat loved reading this blog post.

This quick blurb in a Canadian magazine, praising the new Nordstrom campaign, makes L’Abeille want to watch the video, and consider online Nordies shopping even more.

Joy enjoyed browsing these Copenhagen street style photos and people sporting eye-catching checks.

Vildy finds this article about how to dress like an architect interesting because “what I enjoy the most is paring away details to achieve less ‘talkiness’ in my outfits, and this is the other extreme to what I do as it’s all about the details, everything talking at once.”

Kyle admires this woman’s creativity and talent as a seamstress.

Joyce B lets us know that Madewell has a jeans recycling programme where they turn the items into housing insulation for communities in need. You can drop off any brand and any jeans or denim items.

Madonna’s style has always been provocative and interesting. Sal is sure many of us are influenced by at least one of her iconic looks.

Cindysmith recently had to start wearing wider width shoes: “It’s been an interesting journey since so many comfort lines are not necessarily really pretty shoes. I love that women are trying to make pretty shoes that are comfortable.”