Black is traditionally a heavy, Winter colour, but here are three ways to wear a column of black in Summer and still look Summery. First, showcase skin to break up the expanse of black clothing on the body. Second, choose non-black footwear and accessories. Third, choose lightweight, sheer and dainty fabrics. 

Here are some combinations to get you started. If black is not your thing, feel free to substitute it with ink blue, navy or charcoal grey.

1. Tunic, Crops & Metallic

A tunic is more of a concept, than a length. A long top that is worn over pants or jeans is a tunic. Tunic lengths vary from mid-thigh to well below the knee. Longer tunics like the one shown here look elegant and fresh to my eye. Tunics with diagonal hems create structure and are extra flattering. Wearing a dress as a tunic is very effective.

Combine a sleeveless or short-sleeved black tunic/dress with black cropped straights or flares. The skin comes through by sporting a sleeveless tunic and cropped pants. Finish off the look with metallic footwear, bag and jewellery.

Rachel Rachel Roy Sleeveless Cascade Tunic Dress

2. Black-Lite

Combine a black top with dark blue bottoms. Finish off the outfit with white footwear. Or swap things around with a dark blue top and black bottoms. Make sure the sleeves are short or sleeveless, and showcase some leg. I like the fashion-forward voluminous proportions shown here, although it’s not conventionally flattering.

COS Merino Top with Raised Neck

3. Casual Dress & Flats

This is the easiest of the lot. Choose a casual black frock, and some sort of jersey knit is a good way to go. Make sure you show skin on the arms and legs. Finish of the look with white flats like slides or mules and a bag to match. Feel free to throw in cognac or red footwear and bag instead of white.

JAMES PERSE Ruched Stretch-cotton Midi Jersey Dress

4. Shorts, Silk & Straw

Last, combine black shorts with a silky black top. Black harem pants are another way to go. Scrunch the sleeves to showcase skin if the sleeves are long. Finish off the vibe with tan footwear and bag, or a straw bag. Blush shoes and bag work well too.

EQUIPMENT Signature Washed-silk Shirt

The black in my wardrobe is minimal, which is just the way I want it since I favour other neutrals and non-neutrals. That said, I enjoy a smattering of black in very specific wardrobe items. My versions of this outfit formula are threefold.

  1. I combine a casual black Summer dress with a micro polka dot with a red or white support act.
  2. I combine black cropped flares with an embroidered black silk dress that I sport as a tunic. I finish off the vibe with a white support act.
  3. I wear silk black harem pants with a cropped black lace top. Black lace is another effective way to break up the expanse of black.

Here are the exact items from my wardrobe. White pearls accompany every outfit.

Over to you. Do you like to wear black-on-black in warm and hot weather?