I have naturally dry skin on my face and neck. I keep it thoroughly moisturized and hydrated with five layers of product. I apply all five in the morning, and only the first three in the evening. I used to layer four products in the morning, but hot yoga dries out my skin, so I recently added the fifth. 

I use an essential oil, serum, moisturizer, sunscreen and tinted moisturizer. Three of the products are from French Caudalie, one from Japanese Nivea, and one from French-American Laura Mercier. The exact products that I use are in this collection:

It’s important that the essential oil goes onto a clean face. The idea is that you apply moisture — like Caudalie’s Vinosource Overnight Recovery Oil — to your skin first so that moisturizers and sunscreen are more effectively absorbed afterwards. A moist sponge is more absorbent than a dry one — and the same applies to your skin.

I apply a serum for extra moisture as the second layer, and a moisturizer for dry skin as the third. Sunscreen is the fourth layer despite the weather or season. I don’t use foundation because I don’t fancy the visual effect of the coverage. Instead I use a tinted moisturizer for dry skin as the last layer. It’s illuminating, shiny and doesn’t hide the uneven skin tone on my face, which keeps it looking more natural and a better match to the rest of the skin on my body. I don’t apply powder because it dries out my skin and creates a matte look. I prefer a dewy look with a bit of shine.

Over to you. What’s your facial moisturizing routine, and do you stick to a strict layering order like I do?