Hair grooming regimens differ based on the texture of your hair, the way it’s styled, how long it takes to style, the time you have available to style it, your workout routine, and whether your hair is a statement component of your look. 

I view my “pixie and specs” combination as an important part of my style. So I have it cut and highlighted every six weeks, and invest time in styling it every day. When my hair feels off, my outfit feels off, so it’s worth the investment to me. 

My hair is fine, wispy, soft and wavy. It looks best when it’s very clean. It is easiest to style when it’s just been washed, so I shampoo and condition my hair daily. It’s especially necessary because I do hot yoga regularly. There’s no way my hair could look fab unwashed on the morning after an evening yoga class. Another reason to wash daily is that I use styling products, and I don’t like the look or feel of day-old-product in my hair. It’s also harder to style.

My hair is in good condition because it’s cut regularly, and I use salon shampoo and conditioner that is gentle and moisturizing. 

I wear my pixie straight, wavy, or slicked back. I blow and straighten my hair for the straight and slicked-back looks, but leave it to dry naturally with product for the wavy look. Although I wash and style my hair every day, this is quick thanks to a good cut, and willing hair that is easy to style and quick to dry.

Greg has gorgeous salt and pepper hair that’s very different to mine. It’s also an integral part of his look with a pair of statement specs. His hair is extremely thick and quite curly. It’s coarser and drier than my hair, and absorbs product much better. It grows fast and he has it cut every four to five weeks. It works well for him to shampoo his hair twice a week and use conditioner one of those times. He does wet and style it with product daily to keep it looking neat and polished. Greg’s hair air dries, never looks dirty, and is always in place. The curls work beautifully with the cut and moisturizing product, and he never has a bad hair day. When his hair gets wet in the Seattle rain, it flounces perfectly back into place as it dries. I want to patent Greg’s hair.

Greg and I both have very short statement hair, but our hair washing frequency and grooming regimens are different. Over to you. What’s your hair washing frequency and is your hairstyle an integral part of your look? Do you put in the time to style it every day?