Since we don't post outfit pics on the blog these days, thought I'd keep you posted with how I'm wearing my hair. I've grown out the fringe a little since the Spring because it gives my pixie more styling options:

A pixie can be styled quite differently when it has length and texture in the right places:

#1 - Classic (when I'm in a rush, need a quick blow dry, and the weather is very wet).

#2 - Edgy (use a flat iron to create length and texture).

#3 & # 4 - Wavy (on a humid day, air-dried with product).

#5 & #6 - Modern (sleeked back with a kick and product, I feel chic and dressy).

I wear all the versions equally frequently apart from the waves - which need the right weather.

I have my hair cut and highlighted every 6 weeks. Only the front is foiled because I am naturally quite a light blonde.

ETA: SAME CUT over 6 weeks.

Thanks for looking. Running off to work. xo