Angie, you look lovely in white with your pearls.

Shevia, your hair is also amazing! It is so distinctive!

I love this post! I got my first pixie last month and feel like I found my hair soulmate. Angie, your photos have helped me figure out that I prefer a longer fringe with shorter layers towards the back. Thank you!

So fab!! You look amazing every way!

How on EARTH did I miss this?? GORGEOUS!! And I love the glimpses of outfits....I see the gilet!! Also, the green specs look AMAZING with the colourful blouses and what fun that you can change them up this way. Stunning.

Thanks for sharing your hair pics. Very cute pixie- I’m quite envious. Suits you perfectly. It must be handy to have a repertoire of styles in mind ready to go.

Amazing how versatile a pixie can be!

One haircut, so many great looks!

I train my hair in place with a bullwhip and chair... The traditional way !