Last year I had planned to start wearing brooches, but it never happened because I didn’t find any that I absolutely loved. Now that my style moniker has evolved to Casual Urban Glam — and after seeing Katerina’s inspiring brooch thread on the forum — I feel extra motivated to continue the search (I have found one fun one already). I’ve also been looking for inspiration on different ways to wear brooches, and wanted to share what I’ve found with you:

Fab Links from Our Members

Shevia didn’t agree with all of her opinions, but thought this interview with Miuccia Prada was very interesting.

Suzanimal enjoyed Bridgette Raes’ take on how to be unapologetically stylish.

This article about why worldwide demand for used clothes is declining caught Rachylou’s attention.

Recently both New Zealand and overseas owned brands have been forced to shut their doors. Jenni NZ found it interesting that one of the reasons given is decreased brand loyalty as she notes she hasn’t shown much either because there is just so much choice nowadays.

Jaileen wanted to share this NY Times article about how design for disabilities is becoming more stylish and attractive:

“It turns out that one out of five adults in the United States has some disability, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — one out of 20 children. That’s a demographic and economic motivator. But we also know that when people feel better about themselves, medical outcomes improve.”