Jeans are amazing. They are practical, robust, hardy, and do not require frequent laundering. You don’t need to feel precious or careful when you wear them. They are fairly crease-resistant and look crisp after several wears. They can be dressed up or down, and are appropriate in most settings when paired with the right support act. They are fashionable, and continue to trend in a variety of new silhouettes, yet they can also be classic and serve as a no-nonsense basic staple. They are extremely versatile, since most tops and toppers can be worn with the right pair of jeans. Jeans can be warm and comfortable, suiting a casual lifestyle. They can be much easier to fit than a pair of trousers, are easy to alter, and flatter the shape of your body. If they aren’t ripped to smithereens they look dressier than Athleisure.

You can feel absolutely fabulous in a great pair of jeans.

On the other hand, jeans can be generic, ordinary, predictable and inelegant. Sometimes they are too casual. In some fits they can be masculine, constricting, unflattering, and uncomfortable. And wearing them frequently can make them feel boring and blah.

All my clients wear jeans, but some wear them more frequently than others. Some wear jeans almost exclusively in one form or another. For others, it’s strictly a weekend dress code. Some will only wear black and grey jeans. Some make a statement with trendy jeans, while others prefer classic silhouettes. Some reserve jeans for cold weather and travelling. I have a handful of clients who own exactly one pair of jeans and that’s enough, because they much prefer wearing leggings, dresses, skirts, trousers or casual pants.

I have reduced the role of jeans in my wardrobe over the last few years. I still wear them often, but I am very discerning about the jeans that I add to my wardrobe. My current capsule is shown in the collection below.

I’m particularly fond of white jeans, because they are crisp, graphic, fresh, dressy, bright, and work well with pastels. There are few items that make me feel as fab as a pair of white jeans. Other jeans are generally reserved for specific situations. My Citizens of Humanity Emerson Boyfriend Jeans are for long plane flights. The two pairs of bell-bottoms are for going out at night in dry weather because I have to wear a two inch heel to create perfect pant lengths. I tuck the G-Star jeans into tall black riding boots. The light blue Gap Resolution Skimmers and Current Elliot Straight Crops are wearing through and on their way out.

What is the role of jeans in your style today, and how has it changed over time?