I LOVE white jeans, and enjoy wearing them year round. I wear them in the Winter months with dark neutrals and brights because they provide a yummy bright and crisp change to blue jeans and dark trousers. 

This ensemble was inspired by white jeans outfits I’ve worn recently. The exact items from my wardrobe are shown in this collection.

I remixed three items of outerwear — a navy military coat, an olive anorak, and a citron peacoat — across the outfits depending on my mood. It changed the look of the outfit quite a bit.

Graphic Ink Blue & White Jeans

I combined an ink blue tunic pullover with cropped white straight jeans, navy knee-highs, and navy booties. The combination of high-contrast tunic over cropped jeans did shorten my leg line, but not to the extent that I felt unattractive. I topped things off with ink blue military coat on one occasion, and olive anorak on another. Navy satchel with patterned pom-pom added a playful touch.

Casual Equestrian Plaid

I combined a semi-tucked plaid shirt with cropped white straight jeans, black riding boots, and matching black belt. I wore a long-sleeved Uniqlo Heattech tee under the shirt for insulation. I added pearls to amp up the pretty, and topped things off with olive anorak and burgundy satchel. On another day, I swapped out the tall boots for short burgundy booties, knee-highs, and added a matching burgundy belt. I also chose my citron peacoat for a brighter effect.

You CAN wear your Christmas plaid into the New Year. Why not!

Ensemble: Simple White Jeans in Winter