I re-read all the white jeans threads I could find and liked the sound of a top pick from 2 years ago - the Kut from Kloth Chrissy Flares. After trying on several brands in stores that were too sheer, the fabric in these sounded like just the ticket, so I followed the advice to size up and found a NWT pair on ebay at a big discount. They are very comfortable but the waist needs to be taken in about 1". I'm good with the front view, but the side and back not so much.

I know that one must be at peace with some wrinkling, but is this too much and is it fixable? Do the horizontal wrinkles under the back pocket (particularly on right side of #3) come from inexorable gravity and the wrong shape, or do I just need an even bigger size? I'm afraid then the waist alteration would be pretty big.

I might be able to let out the hip/upper thigh are a bit as there is room in the side seam and I have to take the waist in and hem anyway. Would that help?

And Angie, did you mention these are high-rise for you? The front rise on these is 9". the back 14", and they are decidedly midrise on my 5"2" frame. Maybe my short waist comes more from a longer rise than being a petite.

When a professional takes in the waist at the back seam, how do they blend the new topstitching on the center back and the waist? Do they redo the stitching all the was down to near the crotch? Dot they re-do the waist top stitching all the way to hide the start/stop behind the two side belt loops. Or does it not show up noticeably?

And do these shrink in length much?

Brutally honest feedback needed!

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