Pantsuits are making a comeback across a range of silhouettes, colours, fabrics and pant lengths. Some are classic and tailored, while others are sharp-shouldered, slouchy and oversized. Neutrals, non-neutrals, brights, pastels, earth tones, jewel tones, muted mid-tones and patterns. Long jackets and short jackets. Cropped or full-length pants. High rises and lower rises. Pleated pants or flat fronts. Tapered legs or flares. You name it, the combination came down the runway for Fall & Winter 2017. 

I love the look of a trouser suit. What I enjoy most is that it’s defying the trend towards casualization and giving us more choices. Here are five more reasons to love them.

Dressy, Tailored, Flattering & Professional

If you choose to wear a tailored pantsuit that fits and drapes well, you’re going to look pulled together and professional no matter what. The proportions are traditionally flattering, creating a slimming and streamlined effect. 

You’ll set a dressy standard wearing a pantsuit. You don’t have to dress casually if you don’t want to, which is the point of Modern fashion. This is 2017, where fashion and style are about choice, individualism, and how you personally interpret a trend. A person wearing a suit can look just as appropriate as someone wearing Athleisure in a similar day-to-day setting. 

An Easy Outfit Option

Wearing a pantsuit with matching jacket and bottom can become a daily uniform, and an easy option. Swap out the tops, accessories and shoes with the same suit, and you’ll have a range of fast fall back outfits. If you have an assortment of pantsuits, your fast fall back outfit options increase, and so does the ease of putting an outfit together. 

A Fun Fashion Statement

Pantsuits don’t need to be tailored and dark. They can be patterned, bright, shiny, pastel, and a lot roomier in silhouette. They don’t need to be matched with a stiff button-down shirt either. You can layer just about any top under a suit, from T-shirts and blouses, to crop tops, pullovers, turtle-necks, tanks and knitted tops. Classic heeled pumps are not your only footwear option. Think flat oxfords, loafers, ballet flats, pointy-toe flat, mules, wrapped sandals, ankle strap pumps, booties, and patterned shoes. Or combine the look with sneakers for a Sporty Luxe vibe. Be creative. 

Comfortable Party Wear 

A pantsuit is a fab alternative to a frock for a dressy occasion, especially if you don’t fancy wearing dresses. They can be more comfortable, less fussy, and a lot more insulating in the dead of Winter. Plus you seldom need to wear shapewear with a pantsuit. You can enjoy a meal and not worry about a constricting foundation garment and protruding midsection. Have dessert! 


Dress codes have relaxed in the US, and these days a dark pair of dressed up or dressed down jeans will take you almost anywhere. If you don’t have a business formal dress code at work, and you enjoy dressing in a  unique way, wearing a pantsuit regularly is one way to go. 

I have two old trouser suits that are in excellent condition. I wear neither very often even though they fit well and look reasonably current. The charcoal pinstriped Theory suit is eight years old, and the avant-garde black suit is six years old. The former requires two inch heels, which puts me off. The flare and drape of the bootcut trousers is elegant with heels so I’m not hemming them for flats. I’m also not into charcoal grey. The black suit is a strictly Summer look with short cropped pants. It looks good with flats, but I haven’t been feeling “all black” for a while. I might pass on the grey Theory suit to Dress for Success, but I’m definitely keeping the black suit that I bought in Tokyo. It’s tailored and too unique to date. I might feel like the blackness of it at some point later, and will keep you posted. In the meantime, I’ll be looking out for a fun suit that isn’t black and doesn’t require heels to look fabulous. Could be a great holiday look, and a fun way to change things up.

Over to you. How do you feel about pantsuits?