As I promised to Angie, here is my suit capsule. I took the photos late in the afternoon, so the light is not great and neither is the photo quality, but I figure the fit is obvious, while for the exact colors one can refer to the Finds. I can retake more photos tomorrow in better lightning if needed. At this point I have three groups of suits: 3 "good" new-ish ones, 1 "good" old one on its last breath and 3 fun inexpensive Express old ones. I would really appreciate your advice on my questions, highlighted in bold.

Group one: the good suits. All are by Elie Tahari, made of exactly the same wool material in three different colors: taupe, black, and textured navy (blue/black). All the pieces can be mixed and matched with each other. All the suits have longer jackets, to suit my long torso, and pants are different cuts.
Suit #1: Taupe (Photo 1, Finds 1&2). I have had it since 2014, and wore 5-ish times since for interviews and such. Pants are slim ankle.
Suit #2: Black, 3 piece with an extra pencil skirt (Photos 2-4, Finds 3-5), from this summer. Pants are slim full length. I got both bottoms for a ridiculous price at the Rack and found a matching jacket online. Not sure if I should have the lace insets on the jacket lined.
Suit #3: Navy, 3 piece with an extra sheath dress (Photos 5-8, Finds 6-8), also new from this summer. This is my most conservative suit, less fitted than the others. The dress has already been tailored. The pants are classic straight full length and need hemming. What length should I hem the pants to - I am never sure for classic straight legs? Also, is the jacket a bit too long and should I shorten it 1-2"?

Suit #4: My good but old suit is classic black Theory (Photo 9, Finds 9-10) with Gabe B jacket and Max C bootcut pants. The pants have been worn to death and one can tell that, so they have been re-purposed to ballroom practice capsule. The jacket is in great shape but a little tight so I wear it only over very thin layers.

Group 3: fun super old Express suits, barely worn and all in excellent condition.
Suit #5: Navy pinstripe (Photo 10). The pants are slim bootcut Columnist that I hacked into cropped kick flare recently since the leg opening is too narrow to properly drape over a heel. I am wondering about this length jacket on my long torso - is it borderline OK or too short?
Suit #6: Black double-weave material (great quality), 3 piece with a vest
(Photos 11-13, Finds 11&12 just the pants and the vest). The pants are the same Columnist cut with same problem as in #5 and I am wondering how to solve it - how should I hem them? I do not want to crop these into crop kick flares as I have already have two pairs of black kick crop flare pants. I am also planning to exchange jacket buttons for something nicer, perhaps pewter/silver toned metal.
Suit #7: Black skirt suit with tuxedo jacket and faux leather inserts (Photo #14).

Extra question: what do you think my two next pantsuits, one "good" and one fun/inexpensive should be? I am hoping to take advantage of pantsuits trending currently. I don't want any more black for sure. Many thanks if you have made it so far.

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