I’ve written about the wonders of BodyGlide a few times on YLF, but it bears repeating especially as we walk up a storm in the Summer, or when we travel. 

BodyGlide is an anti-chafing balm that works wonders on your feet. All my footwear is comfortable, but when I know I’m going to be walking for longer during the day, I rub the balm liberally on the areas of my feet that are blister prone and pop on my shoes as usual. You can’t feel the balm on the skin and it’s not sticky. If necessary, I reapply after four or five hours of walking. 

Warning: do not apply to the underside of your feet because that makes them slippery.

I rub BodyGlide on the tops of my toes — especially the pinky toe — and the sides of my big toes. Sometimes I rub some on the back of my heel and underneath the ankle straps of ankle strap styles. The balm works extremely well in Summer with barefooted styles of footwear, but works just as well with shoes and boots that require socks in cold weather. The balm doesn’t feel weird under a sock. Again, you can’t feel it on the skin. 

If you commute on foot, spend a lot of time on your feet, are planning a holiday which involves lots of walking, or have a tricky spot on the foot that constantly rubs in shoes – use BodyGlide. It will make comfortable footwear even more comfortable. I’m never without the magical balm on long shopping days with clients or when we go on holiday. Hubby Greg uses it too.

I have recommended BodyGlide so much that I feel I should mention that I have no connection to the company in any way.