It’s a very blousey season so there was less knitwear this year. There is lots of good knitwear at the sale, but an ever better selection of blouses and shirts. Most clients were after something other than “simple, oversized and shapeless”, which made items with contouring, ruffles, flounces and lace insets very appealing. There are lots of great colours, so browse through the options if the one I’ve selected is not to your fancy.


  • Madewell Ryder Cardigan: Casual slouchy cardi that's super cosy. Nice pocket placement, textured fabric, and can work on petites.
  • Halogen V-Neck Merino Wool Cardigan: Best short cardi at the NAS, (photo does not do it justice). Well made, and all the colours are nice. They work extremely well over sleeveless blouses - like the Vince Camuto Pleat Front Blouse, and are comfortable too. Worked as well on petites as it did on tall clients. It runs smaller than Halogen usually does. Size US12 needs an XL.
  • BP Lightweight Rib Stitch Cardigan: Easy maxi cardigan that works on a range of body types. Too long for petites, and best on taller gals. Lightweight.
  • Lafayette 148 New York Matte Silk Back Cardigan: Luxurious cardigan in a rich shade of ink with a structured silk back. Impeccable quality. Fab for business casual.
  • NYDJ Layered Look Sweater: An easy pull-on-and-go "two-for" that runs at least a size big - if not two. The blue and black were nicer than the burgundy. As good in plus sizes.
  • Eileen Fisher Merino Wool Pullover: One of the best pullovers at the NAS. Yummy shade of forest green, fab back seam detailing, and round hem. Great drape. Worked on a range of body types. Lovely fabric.
  • Treasure&Bond Ruffle Trim Track Jacket: SUPER CUTE and super soft zippered cardigan for narrow shoulders, regular sized busts, and long necks. You have to be okay with the pouf at the crown of the sleeves. This would have been mine if it was blue and not grey.
  • Halogen Long Open Front Cardigan: These casual and easy maxi cardigans are available in a range of colours and were a hit with most clients because it made them feel comfortably streamlined. Slimming. They're lightweight and the pocket drapes the same way in person.
  • Classiques Entier Bell Sleeve Silk & Cashmere Sweater: Silk cashmere feels HEAVENLY against the skin. If you're after a pretty, form-fitting black top that does not overwhelm a slim frame - try this top. Clingy, so not good for muffin top. The sleeves do not get crushed under a roomier coat. Ultra refined, and perfect with pearls. Dress it up or down. Impeccable quality.
  • Vince Long Cashmere Cardigan: A luxurious cocoon cardi to wear over a sheath dress or with bootcut trousers. Best on taller ladies.
  • CeCe Bow Trim Tipped Sweater: A good pullover for skirts. Size down.
  • Lafayette 148 New York Chain Detail Cashmere Cardigan: Stunning cardigan that's part of a fab twinset. Beautifully refined. Works well on a larger bust. It has a very small inset of bling on the neckline that creates extra polish. Structured and not clingy. Luxurious.
  • Lafayette 148 New York Chain Detail Cashmere Shell: Stunning shell top that's part of a fab twinset. Beautifully refined. Works well on a larger bust. It has a very small inset of bling on the neckline that creates extra polish. Structured and not clingy. Luxurious.
  • Vince Cashmere Cold Shoulder Tunic: Alluring and unique. Works on most body types if you don't mind the extra long sleeves. You CAN wear a regular black bra with the pullover. Bonus points for a pretty black bra strap. Runs big.
  • Vince Ribbed Wool & Cashmere Sweater: This does not look good on the model, but it was fabulous on tall clients who could fill out the style. Not good on a short neck.
  • Halogen Halogen Scallop Edge Sweater: GREAT solid top for a smaller bust and/or longer neck. Super soft. Semi-fitted but NOT clingy. The scalloped edges are divine. All the colours are nice. Runs small for Halogen. XL is good on a size US10/12.
  • Trouvé Off the Shoulder Poplin Sweater: Gorgeous on a broader shoulder line and smaller bust. Structured and flattering. Must wear strapless bra.
  • Chelsea28 Tulle Back Sweater: Ruffled party at the back. Fun over a black tank top with black bottoms. Lightweight.
  • Vince Camuto Stripe Bell Sleeve Sweater: Great over white, blue or black jeans. Works well on a pear-shaped body type. Bell sleeves are quite manageable. Size down.
  • Eileen Fisher Asymmetrical Merino Wool Pullover: Avant-Garde Fabness. It was AMAZING on every client who was tall or regular height in both colours. Some of my extra creative clients tried it over short pleated skirts, and it looked sublime. Fabulous on plus sizes. Both colours are great.
  • Halogen Long Ribbed Cashmere Cardigan: Best casual maxi cardigan at the NAS. Very fluid. Does NOT look like a bathrobe. Comes in petites.
  • Halogen Side Tie Cashmere Sweater: Window Pane Fabness. Looked AMAZING over a striped button-down shirt on my size US12/14 client. Runs big.
  • Nic + Zoe Shaded Stripe Drape Front Cardigan: I loved the waist tailoring on this cardigan. Different. Well made and fun colours. It was as fab on petites as it was on tall clients in the correct length. A slam-dunk with black bottoms. Fits under a coat, and can be worn over a sheath dress. The red is punchier than the blue.
  • Sejour Knit Handkerchief Hem Tunic: A sleeveless tunic that looks better in person. Great drape and coverage. Forgiving and structured in the right places. The cowl neck is manageable. Fab layered under a jacket or cardi too. All the colours are nice.
  • Eileen Fisher Seam Front Merino Sweater: Beautiful drape and well cut despite the volume. Fab seaming detail at the back. Lightweight, and flattering neckline.
  • Vince Camuto Tipped Bell Sleeve Top: An on-trend pullover that worked well in plus sizes but not as well in regular where the sleeves were generally too long. Structured but not clingy. Great under a vest, cape or wrap.

See the items alongside my descriptions on the collection page.


  • Sejour Flare Sleeve Double Layer Top: Very flattering blouse for pear-shaped body types. Works on hourglasses and apple shapes too. Runs big.
  • Sejour Embroidered Bell Sleeve Blouse: Fun blouse to wear for dressier outings. Fab over jeans or over a pencil skirt. Dramatic. Bell sleeves are manageable at the shorter length.
  • Caslon Peplum Blouse: Great shirt for a smaller bust and pear-shaped body type. Peplum lies flat. All the colours are nice.
  • MOON RIVER Lace-Up Bell Sleeve Top: Substantial white boho-lite blouse that does not need a camisole. Textured fabric. Crisp and comfy. Good on a curvy figure. Can work for petites.
  • Vince Camuto Pin Dot V-Neck Top: Great layering piece for a larger bust and/or shorter neck. Soft and comfy. Runs big.
  • Vince Camuto Polka Dot Jabot Blouse: Blouse that looks fab under a jacket. Crease-resistant. Easy to launder. Comes in cream and black. Runs big.
  • Vince Camuto Knit Trim Dot Print Blouse: Fab polka dot layering piece for tall gals. Too long for petites. Love the tipped ribbing trim. Runs big.
  • Vince Camuto Pleat Polka Dot Blouse: Graphic Fabness. Looks good layered under a jacket or cardigan. The pleats on the neckline create extra volume so you have to be okay with that. Runs big. Works on a range of body types.
  • Classiques Entier Bell Sleeve Pinstripe Silk Blouse: I LOVED this blouse, but none of my clients did because they felt it had too many ruffles - I did not! And thought they looked gorgeous. Beautifully made, yummy shade of blue, and impeccable quality. Works on a range of body types. Runs big. The XS is too big for a size US0.
  • Lafayette 148 New York Chiffon Sleeve Punto Milano Top: AMAZING structured fluidity. Very pretty, and camouflages midsection extra bits. Fab back and front V-neck. Impeccable quality.
  • Alice + Olivia Jesse Lace Pullover: Best lace at the sale. Soft, refined, robust and thick. The two-toned effect of the blue and black is sublime. You have to wear a camisole, which showcases your shape and offsets its boxy silhouette. Solid back. Impeccable quality.
  • Halogen Sheer Lace Top: Wear this over a black tank and you are good to go with jeans, black bottoms or a pencil skirt. Not scratchy. Fluid yet adequately structured.
  • Vince Camuto Pleat Front Blouse: Fab blouse to wear under the Halogen V-Neck Merino Wool Cardigan. If you keep the colours the same, you create a lovely twinset effect (like blush on blush). Runs big, and works on a range of body types. The pleats on the neckline create extra volume so you have to be okay with that.
  • Ted Baker London Lolare Bell Sleeve Top: An extremely dramatic dressy top. Sleeves are larger in person. Architectural. GORGEOUS. Best on a narrow shoulder line and smaller bust. Does not work on broad shoulders because it will pull at the shoulders, arms and bust.
  • Halogen Stretch Woven Shirt: A roomy black and white striped shirt that looks great layered under pullovers when you're tall. Runs big.
  • Caslon Plaid & Floral Tunic Shirt: Easy creased tunic with floral insets. Casual and interesting. Party at the back. Runs big.
  • Veronica Beard Canteen Puff Sleeve Blouse: This shirt is a work of art. There are all sorts of insets and seams that you can't see in the photo that are sublime. The sleeves are architectural. The model is wearing a size too big, since it's more fitted in person. You have to be okay with the puffy sleeves. It has worked on both straight and curvy clients, AND on a larger bust. Fun back tailoring. Impeccable quality.
  • Equipment Carmine Cotton Tunic: Fun striped tunic with back pleat detailing. Hangs straight and looks crisp. Good over skinnies. Sharp.
  • Gibson Cold Shoulder Sweatshirt: A cold shoulder tee that works with a regular bra. All the colours are nice. Forgiving on the midsection. Might run a size big.
  • Sejour V-Neck Tee: A great basic wardrobe essential to layer with, or simply wear as is. Structured but not clingy. Streamlined. Works well on curvy figures.
  • Vince Camuto Stripe Mixed Media Turtleneck: Super cute back peplum detailing. Super soft fabric. Fab with a short jacket or cardigan. Not good on a short neck. Great on tall gals, but works quite well on petites. Runs big.
  • Halogen Long Sleeve Knit Tunic: Good basic wardrobe essential for a larger bust. Excellent modest neckline for boobs that need room. Super soft, and can work on taller gals. Curved hem creates nice lines on the body. Stripe looks best.
  • Two by Vince Camuto Subtle Camo Tee: A fun tee that drapes better in person. It has a staggered hemline that you can't see in the photo, and looks best worn out. Works as well for an apple shape as it does for a pear shape. Amazing.
  • Rag & Bone / Jean Double Vee Long Sleeve Tee: A swingy voluminous tee to wear with black jeans. Very soft. Excellent drape with just enough structure. Might run a size big. V-neck does not hang too low, although I'd love to see a black lace camisole peaking out.
  • J.Crew Pardon My French Graphic Tee: Nice layering tee to wear with blazers and pencils skirts. Runs small.
  • SINCERELY JULES Side-Lace Sweatshirt: Best sweatshirt at the NAS. Substantial and well made. I love how it has structure AND fluidity. The side lace detailing is fabulous. Runs small. US10/12 fits an XL. I liked the pink best but all the colours are nice.
  • Caslon Zip Back Pullover: Cosy Lounging Fabness. The back zipper is covered so it doesn't feel cold against the skin. Burgundy is best.
  • Caslon Woven Inset Knit Hoodie: The ruffled back peplum is adorable. Extremely soft fabric and good fit. Feels heavenly on the body. Pretty.
  • BP Crushed Velour Tee: '70s Funky Fabness. Comes in navy, rose and silver. The staggered hemline is fun, and so are the longer short sleeves. Boxy cut and quite luscious. Good to layer with too.
  • Eileen Fisher Jersey V-Neck Tunic: A comfortable streamlined tunic for Team Tall. Well made and substantial fabric. The placement of the V-neckline is fabulous. Not too low. Nice to layer with too.
  • Sejour Pleat Shell: A dressier shell top with permenant peplum pleating makes me smile. Playful elegance, and non-crease. Creates a fun textural effect under jackets. Comes in black.

See the items alongside my descriptions on the collection page.

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