I enjoy wearing casual, boxy shirtdresses when the weather is wonderfully warm. I wear them with a Summer scarf, pearls, loafers, sandals or sneakers, and a bag to match. Visually, a drapey oblong scarf adds drama to an outfit. Practically, the scarf keeps the sun off my neck, and insulates against the chill of air conditiong or when it cools down at night. 

Sometimes I’ll wear a pair of blue or white cropped straight jeans under the shirtdress for insulation and to create a hip, modern vibe. Here are my favourite Summer scarf and dress outfit combinations for 2017, using the exact items from my wardrobe: 

1. Matching Scarf & Specs 

2. Matching Scarf & Bag

3. Matching Scarf, Sneakers & Bag

4. Matching Pastels & Pattern Mixing

I wrap the scarf tightly around my neck once, on the inside of the shirt collar of the dress, leaving the ends hanging down in front of the dress. That way my pearl necklace is visible and scarf stays put. Or I tie the scarf around my neck a few times with the ends draping over the back of my shoulders. That way you see more of the front of the dress, but my pearls are covered. The second method of draping is fussier, but the strap of a crossbody bag can strategically keep the scarf in place. It also works better with a larger scarf.

Either way, you might need to get used to wearing a scarf if you’re new to the accessory. Give it some time. After a while you’ll forget that you’re wearing a scarf as it becomes magically integrated into the outfit.