This ensemble was inspired by an extremely polished executive client who I went shopping with last week to refresh her wardrobe for Spring and Summer. Her preferences are for neutral, tonal and modern classic pieces in luxurious fabrics that look very sharp and professional. 

We paired an ink blue pinstripe sheath dress with a short fitted Spring jacket in a bolder navy and cream stripe. We finished off the look with cement-toned colour blocked pumps, a bag to match, and bangles and watch in gold. Apart from the bag, the exact items are shown in the collection. 

The subtle match of the stripes felt adequately professional for my client, who liked the freshness of the combination. Minimally Maximal. The best part was matching the combination with LIGHT footwear and bag, making it look more “Spring” than “dead of Winter.” 

I’ve put together similar combinations in this post. Choose any colour palette, although dark neutrals are probably the easiest to pull together for the look. Here are the components:

Pinstripe Dress: Choose a pinstripe dress. Try a pinstripe skirt and solid top if you don’t have a striped frock. I threw in a floral in the same palette, just for fun. Stripes look fab with florals. 

Striped Jacket: Layer a striped jacket over the dress or skirt and top combination. The stripes can work together in a subtle or bold way. By all means pair dark blue with grey and black. A shorter jacket usually works best layered over a dress or skirt, but a longer fitted style can work just as well to create traditionally flattering proportions. 

Footwear: Add colour blocked footwear that works with the outfit. I’ve chosen professional pumps and sandals, but feel free to add flats, loafers, oxfords, peep-toe booties, and even fashion sneakers. 

Accessories: A light-coloured bag brightens a dark outfit. Choosing a bag that matches the footwear is an easy way to pull together a pattern-mixed look. Add jewellery, eyewear and watch as desired.

Think of other ways to combine two sets of stripes and a colour blocked item if you don’t have the components for this ensemble. A colour blocked bag, dress or jacket could be a fun substitute. And a chevron-patterned piece works as a stripe or colour blocked piece.

Ensemble: Stripe, Stripe & Colourblock