I was inspired by Angie's neutral pattern mix ensemble a few weeks ago to do some pattern mixing. I enjoy pattern mixing when the colours of the patterns are similar. As I am not much of a colour mixer, pattern mixing is a good way for me to add complexity to an otherwise simple tonal or monochromatic outfit.

Normally the way I put together an outfit is to try things on. But that is time consuming and stops being fun after approximately 5 minutes. This time, I just got out some plain and some patterned items and experimented with laying out combinations on the dining table. I took a photo when I came up with a mix that I liked. It was much faster than trying things on. And I am keeping the pics on my phone for some outfit inspiration when I need it. Are some of you doing this already? It was a bit of a revelation for me.

Outfit 1: stripe/dark floral/zebra stripe.

Outfit 2: stripe/dark floral/jacquard. Yes, a scarf AND a pendant.

Outfit 3: abstract/ombré/laser cut (lace pattern). The skirt has a colour block pattern underneath which gives it more colour IRL. The top looks a bit ragged here because the hem had come undone during the day. (I am plagued by wardrobe malfunctions.)

Outfit 4: stripe or possibly colour block/floral/ombré. Bonus stunned mullet look in second pic.

Remainder: some of my inspiration pics for future use.

What do you think? I know that these are pretty "safe" mixes because they are so tonal, but doing 3 patterns feels like a stretch for me. Your thoughts welcome

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