Thanks Shevia and CS. Sounds like it's 6/7 FTW!

These outfits are really good. Your pattern mixing is fantastic. And I LOVE that ombré moto! I'm pretty sure I could not pull it off but, by incorporating both light and dark, it gives me so many great outfit ideas!

These are all fantastic outfits Brooklyn. You are an expert at pattern mixing. I love that rust peacoat. Gorgeous. I can not pick a favourite.

What a great idea to take photos of outfits on the dining room table! That is what I will be doing over the next few days. I keep a note book and write them down but a visual reminder is so helpful.

Thanks SF! I am glad you find the photo idea helpful. It's a bit like having your own polyvore sets. (I love those polyvore sets.)

And thanks Emily K. I do try to mix light and dark in my outfits and the ombré jacket is great for adding some lightness.

You look amazing AND make it look super easy and effortless!

Looking forward to seeing you wear more earth tones! Perhaps a cinnamon studded collar for Mrs. B too.

Oh, spectacular! You are an artist at pattern mixing. It's interesting how you manage to make so many different pieces work well together ... sort of magic

Very late to this as I have been away on my phone only. Fab looks all round and you make it look so classy and simple!! Love the rusty jacket on you;)

Angie, your wish is my command. I am wearing a rust coloured top today. Plus check out Ms B's new collar (as made by my DH). And the adorable Ms B herself of course.

And thank you Sally, Sisi and AmyIsabella. Not effortless! But I am glad you think it works

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I'm in awe of your elegant pattern mixing skills! Your moody prints go well together.

Fabulous, Brooklyn. I LOVE your clothes!

Aww, thanks columbine and tulle.

I have to bow to the best and most creative triple pattern mixing in the world! Even if the are basicaly the same silhoutte I look at these and find them all maximally different, interesting and new! WOW!!!!:-)

Thanks Lyn! I would award a triple boost if I could

Love these looks! specifically love the stripes patterns this summer!

You have a wonderful eye for pattern mixing, Brooklyn. All the outfits are gorgeous, as are the colours you've used. Really lovely.


You and Mrs. B are a beautiful cinnamon pair.

Oh those cute puppy eyes. Oh, and your outfit looks good too.

love love and love! (and YES to bringing the pupper in on the style fabulousness!)

Wow, just wow. Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor. This is pattern mixing at it's finest!

You are a master mixologist!

Thanks RC, rachy and Lisa!

Angie, JG and delurked, thanks! Ms B is thrilled by her K2K. She is very proud of her new collar. And she is a shameless scene stealer

And thanks Summer and MetalTorks!

This looks great on my little cell phone screen. Just leaving a quick comment so this will be in my feed tomorrow morning, so I can look on the computer screen.

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Brooklyn, I absolutely love your style! So creative! I also wear mostly neutrals and love to mix patterns. Thanks for sharing your idea of taking pictures of your garments, too. That will be speedier than dressing/undressing/taking photos (rinse & repeat:).....

Brooklyn - you are so jaw droppingly chic!! I don't know how you coordinate all the elements in such a fabulously balances, pleasing, unique, elegant and harmonious way. Never in 10 lifetimes could I do that. You look amazing...always!! Wow!!

Wow these are all amazing outfits. Thanks for sharing.