You will probably be able to shop your closet for this look, maybe multiple times over. It pulls together black and grey pieces with a little something extra, a little “kick” to prevent the boredom that creeps in during long Winters when you’re wearing lots of black and grey. 

Here are two outfits ideas to get you started.

Casual Deluxe

Combine cropped straight blue jeans, or jeans that can be rolled at the hem with a chunky grey pullover (you can insulate the cropped jeans in cold weather.) The point of the cropped length is to showcase most or all of the high-top sneaker, duck boot, or similar casual Winter ped. Add a black puffer to top things off. 

The Kick: statement socks, a bright bag, bright footwear. 

Wear one, two or all three of the items that give the outfit a kick. I’ve chosen a sunny and happy yellow, but feel free to incorporate any colour. 

Frock Fabness

Combine a grey sweater dress (or regular grey dress) with black knee-high or over-the-knee boots. If that’s not your thing, add tights and booties. OR layer the frock over black leggings or cropped flared jeans. Top the look off with a black, grey or checked coat. Black Mary Janes, oxfords or pumps are another way to go. 

The Kick: navy bag, navy gloves, navy hat, navy sneaker hybrid, colourful scarf. 

Wear up to four of the items to kick things up a notch. I’ve used navy here so that there’s something for the neutral lovers, but feel free to use red, burgundy or cognac. Add jewellery, eyewear and watch as desired.

Ensemble: Black & Grey with a Kick