This ensemble was inspired by the idea that you can wear something a little more festive on this global day of love and romance. I’ve kept the palette traditional, combining neutrals with shades of red, white and pink, but feel free to remix colours your way. 

Here are three outfit ideas to get you started. 

Stripes & Sneaks

Combine a pair of black jeans, trousers or leggings with a black or navy striped top. Top it off with a red cardigan, sweater coat or jacket (any shade of red will work.) Finish off the look with glitzy sneakers, bling, and a whimsical bag. Wear black shoes, red boots or white sneaks if you don’t have glitzy sneaks. 

Ruffles & Florals

Combine a ruffled blouse or tee with a floral blazer, and blue jeans. I’ve chosen pink ruffles and cherry roses, but go ahead and choose another palette if that’s more your cup of tea. Finish off the look with booties, oxfords, pumps or sneakers. A blush bag is a nice nod to Spring. 

Romantic Hard Edge 

Combine a black top with a red skirt, and top things off with a black moto jacket. Black boots, oxfords, loafers or pumps are great with sheer black hosiery. A blush bag adds a soft touch to the outfit. Add jewellery, eyewear and watch as desired. 

You can wear these outfits on any day as long as the weather is right and the outfit tickles your fancy. We at YLF wish you a happy Valentine’s Day.

Ensemble: Valentine's Day