This ensemble was inspired by an outfit I wore to host a casual dinner in our home between Christmas and New Year. The silhouettes are simple but sufficiently interesting because the colour combination does the talking. I was comfortable and could attend to our guests without giving my outfit a second thought. 

Here are the exact items I wore. If we were leaving the house I would have added my cream coat and oatmeal satchel.

Combining black with a shade of red is one of the most classic combinations of them all. Personally, I prefer to add a shade of white to the palette because it looks crisper, brighter and more modern and graphic to my eye. For Winter, I’ve added a rich cream for a more bold effect. The cream accent can be large or small. 

Red Bottoms: Choose any style of red bottoms. Trousers, skirts, jeans, casual pants, culottes, cropped pants, woolly shorts – take your pick. I prefer a warm orangey red, but feel free to choose any shade of red. From bright tomato to deep wine, it’s all good. 

Black Top: Choose a black top that works with the silhouette of the bottoms. Black knitwear is ideal for Winter. Wear the top tucked, untucked or semi-tucked. 

Cream Accents: Finish off the outfit by adding cream to the palette through footwear and accessories. Cream booties, pearls, belt and a cream handbag are effective options. Adding cream through a patterned scarf, gloves or bag is another way to go. Or add a solid cream jacket, coat, and hat to the mix.

Combining a black sweater dress with a red jacket or coat and cream accents is another option. Adding tall black boots and Wintery hosiery will keep you toasty warm in the frock combination. 

Black, Red and Cream Accents