As soon as I get home I take off my shoes and more often than not, pop on a pair of comfy slippers. In the Summertime, I swap out the slippers for a pair of nude footies because they are cooler and more carefree. I seldom walk around our house barefoot on our wooden floors.

Over the years I’ve sported all sorts of slipper styles. They’re wardrobe workhorses and replenished annually because I’m hard on them. A few things remain consistent about my slipper style. They must be soft, warm, slip-on, supportive, and have a sturdy sole. The fabric needs to be robust because I wear through the tops creating holes after about a month if the fabric isn’t thick and strong. 

This time round, I chose a pair from Camper and bought Greg a matching set (his slipper needs are just like mine). They are AMAZING, and the best slippers I’ve had. I love their simple, modern silhouette and they tick off all my requirements. They feel great with socks, hosiery and bare feet. Despite the assortment of colours, I chose light grey because it’s subtle, low contrast, and works well with my loungewear. I highly recommend them.

My clients have at home footwear styles that run the gamut. Some keep their outside shoes on indoors, while others put on “house shoes” like Birkenstocks or Danskos. Others wear slippers, flip-flops, socks, footies, or go barefoot.

Over to you. What’s your at home footwear style?