’Tis the season for knitwear as temperatures plummet, which means choosing between pullovers and cardigans. Pullovers are closed in front. Cardigans are open in front and function like a knitted jacket. Both are available in countless silhouettes, lengths, levels of dressiness, fabrications, colours and patterns. 

Both options can be extremely cosy and comfortable, can work with a casual lifestyle, and can look equally dramatic. But they each have their advantages.

Advantages of Pullovers

  • No need to think about what to layer under a pullover, making it an easy “pull-on-and go”.
  • They layer more easily under jackets and coats.
  • They are a more insulating option because of the closed front. 
  • They broaden a narrower shoulder line.
  • They create an effective backdrop for statement necklaces. 
  • They create a simple visual effect. 

Advantages of Cardigans

  • They are easy to layer and carry, which makes adjusting to your changing inner thermostat highly effective. You have to commit to wearing a pullover if you only have undies underneath.
  • You can take off a cardigan without messing up your hair. 
  • They streamline a large bust and broad shoulder line.
  • The vertical integrity of the opening down the centre front of the body has a slimming effect. 
  • They create the interesting visual effect of multiple layers. 

There is room for pullovers and cardigans in your style. But like me, you might have a strong personal preference. I own exactly ONE cardigan, which is like cheating because it’s part of a twin set. I only wear it over the matching pullover. I much prefer wearing pullovers because I find them warmer, better suited to my narrow shoulder line, and easier to layer under coats. I also enjoy their simple statement with a pile of pearls. 

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Pullover, Team Cardigan, or for both teams?