A big THANK YOU to all who support YLF. Whether you’ve visited once, or are an active member who checks in several times a day, we appreciate your participation and support because you are what makes YLF a wonderful community.

I also want to make a few special shout-outs. 

A heartfelt thanks to our global, die-hard Fabbers who have stuck with us for years, some for as long as ten years. As YLF Veterans, you are the heart and soul of our community. Your wisdom, wit, intelligence, loyalty, thoughtfulness, compassion, respect for one another, problem-solving ability, and good manners know no bounds. You are an impressive bunch who enrich YLF, making it better in so many ways. 

Thanks to all the over 50-year-youngs who continue to have fun with fashion and rock their style with the best of them. You inspire us to be as confident, attractive, unaffected, spunky and full of verve as you are. 

Thanks to all the significant others, parents, children, and pets who offer their ongoing stylish support in their more subtle and special ways. Some take pictures of our outfits. Some are the best cheerleaders of our styles. Some photobomb our pictures for comic relief. Some are glorious shopping buddies. And all simply love us no matter what. 

Thanks to all Fabbers who keep an open mind about fashion and style, and their poison eyes to a minimum. Those who believe you can “never say never” in fashion are dead right.

Thanks to Inge, for looking out for YLF when we’re asleep or travelling. It gives us great peace of mind to have another set of eyes checking in on our site as regularly as Greg and I do. But most of all, thank you for your fabulous friendship, sweet disposition, infinite patience, warmth, enthusiasm, compassion, and smiles.

And last but not least, thank you to my very special boys Greg and Sam, who make everything better just by being who they are. We at YLF wish you a happy, safe and peaceful Thanksgiving weekend.