This ensemble was inspired by a pullover I added to my wardrobe last month. It’s J.Crew’s long sleeved cashmere tee in melon. Not quite orange and not quite peach, but somewhere in between. I find the colour absolutely delicious, and want to eat it up. 

I like wearing melon with blue jeans, ink blue, tomato red, cognac, cream, leopard print and my Burberry scarf. Here are two easy ways to combine melon with blue jeans with some items in my wardrobe. The exact pieces are represented in the collection below, and I’ve worn the outfits already.

Here are the components of the esnemble: 

Melon Top: Choose a pullover, tee, knitted top, or blouse in melon. I’ve chosen a solid but by all means choose a melon-dominant pattern. If you don’t have melon, orange will work just fine. 

Jeans: Choose blue jeans in a wash and silhouette that tickles your fancy. My preference is for cropped flares and straights. I’ve chosen a very dark and a very light wash. 

Footwear: Choose cream or cognac footwear that works with the outfit. High-shaft booties are my own preference.

Topper: Choose a navy, ink blue or tomato red jacket or coat in a silhouette that works with the rest of the outfit. 

Accessories: Add a belt in a colour that matches the footwear if you’re semi-tucking the top. A patterned or solid scarf is optional, but a nice way to pack some punch. I wear my Burberry and tomato red scarves with the melon top and coats. Finish things off with a leopard, cognac or cream bag. Add jewellery, eyewear and watch as desired.

Ensemble: Melon & Blue Jeans