From drawstring pouches to wide-strap crossbodies, here are five handbag trends to sport this Fall.

Popsugar lets us know that metal ring bags are the new trend to watch.

Vogue rounds up five eye-catching Fall bags that are fair-trade certified.

For the fans of book art, this Etsy guide lists a series of bags featuring fun book covers.

Have you heard of Vasic bags? This New York-based accessories brand is making classic bags with a twist.

Fab Links from Our Members

Isabel wanted to share this blog post about fashion as communication: “I have always been fascinated by clothes (and art) as communication. Mostly because I have never really understood it. I don’t think to ‘communicate’ through dress. And I always felt that if I did, were others ‘listening’ or just trying to communicate themselves? This article showed me that I do communicate. Subtly and without words. And I ‘listen’ more than I thought I did.”

Zoiechic found this article about millennial brides rewriting the style rules to suit themselves interesting.

Many of us are deeply concerned about frequent breaches of law, ethics, and human rights in the global garment industry and wonder about our role in that. Suz reports that the chamber opera Sweat now explores this question — in music. 

She adds that there are signs that the industry is improving. Take Tonléa zero waste company that focuses on preserving the environment while guarding workers’ rights.

Rachylou thought this article about understanding laundry-tag symbols might come in handy.

Minimalist is enjoying looking through Frugalista’s one bag packing lists, and also took notes of what the blogger never packs.

She also thought Lady Light Travel’s plus-size packing tips were excellent.

Angie thoroughly enjoyed Sally’s post on how she feels about being a style blogger and turning 40 next year. She adds: “As a style blogger who turns 47 next year, I can relate to all of it. I especially relate to NOT having time for uncomfortable shoes. Sally has never looked better to my eye, and happy feet for the win!”