Like toenail polish, fingernail polish is making a bigger fashion statement than ever. It has gained enormous momentum over the last five years, and there is no stopping the trend. I’ve found that clients who “talk with their hands” look particularly fabulous with dramatic fingernail polish because their hands are on show, and at eye-contact level. I especially encourage eye-catching fingernail polish in these cases because it becomes an effective accessory that is very much part of the outfit. 

I on the other hand, have never been one to wear fingernail polish. Even on our wedding day, I wore a very soft pearly white polish and that was that. I do give myself quick manicures, keeping my fingernails short, filed, buffed and moisturized. And lately I pop a quick double coat of clear nail strengthener on my nails to prevent them from tearing. I really like the subtle shine on my fingernails because it creates a polished appearance and looks pretty. 

I do like high-contrast fingernail polish on others. For some of my friends and clients it’s a signature part of their style, and it would be weird to see them without bright or dark fingernails. Very dark fingernail polish works extremely well when you have a hard-edged style. 

Over to you. What’s your fingernail polish style, and what’s the reason behind the colours that you choose? Do you prefer a high or low-contrast colour on your fingers?