This post was timely since I was considering treating myself to a manicure but with no polish, and thought I wiukd ask the YLF'ers about that, more so than polish colors and styles.
I don't wear polish on fingernails but wish I could have better- looking hands and nails!
My hands take a beating, and other than trimming/ filing nails, I've not got a good routine. Hand-washing at work is so frequent that it's pointless to use handcream except at bedtime! I do try to wear sunscreen on the back of my hands but that also is hard to keep up with except say on a weekend.

What are Fabber thoughts on the value of professional " natural" manicures ( cuticle care, buffing, etc. vs. trying to get into a better at- home routine?

I'd be most interested as to whether it ( professional) would over time achieve a better sustained look than I would get at home, or whether it's best just as an occasional fun- pampering event. Although in years past I remember buying cuticle creams and and gizmos and never being able to stick with it, so it could be like a lot of other things--they only work if you do them!
Over to you....