In the ten years that I’ve had my wardrobe consulting business, my clients have represented a wide variety of body shapes. Their heights have ranged from less than 5 feet to more than 6 feet, and their sizes from a US00 to US24 across petite, regular and tall. It gives me great job satisfaction to have the opportunity to dress so many different and beautiful examples of the female form. 

This post is a tribute to an extremely confident group of my clients who wear a US size 10 and up. They are trendy, enthusiastic and enjoy fashion. They have never shamed their bodies during our sessions together. Not once! They feel they can participate in any trend that tickles their fancy, because it’s a question of finding the right version of a look, and adding their personal stamp to what they wear. When clothing looks off in the dressing room, they blame the clothes and not their bodies. They quickly move on and say NEXT! It’s just a matter of minutes before they find something that makes them look and feel great. 

These clients are gloriously unaffected by an industry that lacks diversity of size and body type in its presentation of fashion trends. They make their own rules and derive enormous joy from expressing themselves and looking their best. From a style point of view, it doesn’t get more empowering than that. 

I hope that my clientele know how inspiring they are to those around them. They are an absolute pleasure to work with, and I can’t thank them enough for their incredible and contagious attitudes. ROCK ON.