I wear sunscreen with a high SPF every single day, reapply in the afternoon AND wear a hat when the sun is out. Yet my face and neck are a darker colour than the rest of me. I never wear sleeveless clothing, but I do bare my forearms. As a result, my hands and forearms are more tanned than the rest of my arms, despite the application of sunscreen. And since I often wear straight cropped jeans with high-vamped closed-toe footwear, I have two tanned horizontal stripes on the lower half of my leg. 

I don’t tan the rest of my body, nor have I ever gone to the trouble and expense of getting an all-over spray-on tan. I’ve tried a little Jergens natural glow firming moisturizer to even out the colour on my legs when I wear skirts and dresses, and it does take the edge off. But for the most part, I’m embracing my unique tan because it doesn’t last that long. By the time November rolls around, my tan lines are gone and I’m a much more even colour from head to toe. 

Over to you. Do you have an uneven tan, and if so, do you have any strategies for dealing with it?