Dressy PatriotIt’s common to see patriotic outfits all over the US on July 4th, which does add to the festivity of the celebration of America’s independence. Some outfits literally incorporate the American flag and emblems of stars and stripes, like the dressy one on the right that I saw on Pinterest. 

Your patriotic outfit on July 4th needn’t be this literal. Create an outfit that combines red, white and blue in any way at all. You can further simplify your outfit by combining only two of the colours.

Note that any shade of blue and red counts. Choose orange and coral if red is not your thing. It’s easiest to finish off these outfits with white, metallic or tan Summer footwear. Red and blue shoes are cute too. Choose a casual bag in a style and colour that tickles your fancy.  

The possibilities are endless. Here are some ideas to get you going. The outfits are casual because that’s how most people dress for this holiday. 

(Almost) White-Out

Create a column of white by combining white jeans or shorts with a white top. Or wear a white dress. Finish off the outfit with metallic or red footwear. Blue finger and toenail polish can provide the blue part of the outfit it you’re sticking to white and metallics. 

Denim Bottoms & Red, White or Blue Top

Combine blue denim jeans, crops, shorts or skirt with a casual red, white or blue top. The tops can be patterned to cover more of the colours of the American flag. Patterns like stripes, dots and stars are a good way to go. Bandanas in red and blue are also a great way to add colour and pattern to the outfit. 

Red or Blue Dress 

Choose a red or blue dress and add white, metallic or tan Summer footwear. Add a blue or white denim jacket if you need a topper. Add eyewear, headwear, jewellery and watch as desired.

I have a lot of white, blue and red in my wardrobe and will pick a casual outfit on Monday morning as my mood strikes me. We’ll be spending the day at home with Sam the Yorkie, eating fresh chicken burgers with blue cheese and onion fixings, and lots of ice cream. What will you wear on July 4th, and how will you spend your day? 

Ensemble: July 4th Fabness