I have high-low style, which means that I shop budget, mid-range and designer price points. I enjoy shopping this way because it achieves a sense of emotional balance and creates a diverse harmony in my style. I absolutely enjoy an Ann Taylor top as much as a Milly handbag. A higher price does not guarantee you quality, good fit, polish, or comfort these days, which makes this way of shopping, dressing and grooming even more beneficial. The fact that I wear items across a range of price points also makes me more relatable to a range of clientele. 

I get a kick out of combining an Alexander Wang bag with KUT from the Kloth jeans, a Marc Jacobs pullover with a Zara jacket, Stuart Weitzman shoes with a Gap top, Current Elliott crops with an Ann Taylor top, or a Gap turtleneck with a Smythe blazer. Every day I wear expensive underwear with a $12 cotton camisole. My pricey haircut is tempered by my inexpensive skincare regime. My pricey eyewear is tempered by costume jewellery. This way of dressing makes me support and appreciate all retail markets, which I find very satisfying. 

On that note, I’m celebrating some inexpensive wardrobe items that I wear over and over again by giving them a much deserved shout-out. The quality, fit and comfort levels are stellar, and of course, I like the way the items look too. An $11 ink and white striped peplum knit top from the Gap that handles itself beautifully after every laundry cycle. The fabric is substantial and quite luxurious. An old $9 distressed gold belt from Macys that’s on its last legs, but I can’t find a good replacement. It’s the most worn belt in my belt capsule, and it shows. Gold suede ankle strap flats that I picked up for $45 this season, and are as comfy as can be. Well made, on trend and supportive. And $12 cotton camisoles of which I have several in black and white. They are one of the few items that I throw into the tumble dryer, and wear like iron.

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I say it over and over again: Leave no retail stone unturned, and it doesn’t matter where you shop. High-end, budget, mid-range chain store, thrift store, Goodwill, clothing swap, eBay, boutique, or make your own clothes. This is 2016 and it’s ALL good when you love your stuff, when it works for your lifestyle, climate, budget and style sensibilities, and most importantly — makes you feel great when you wear it.