Some of the most effective ways to pull together a visually cohesive outfit involve matching the colours of accessories and footwear. The repetition of colour draws the eye and pulls the different components into a complementary whole. 

These tips are easiest to implement in cold weather when you tend to wear more accessories. And they are especially effective when you are mixing several neutrals or non-neutrals in one outfit. The matching can be overt or subtle.

1. Match Belt and Footwear

The most classic combination of them all. The match can be exact or tonal. Match up the two items with solids or patterns. This combination works particularly well when you’re in an office and bag-free most of the day. 

2. Match Belt and Bag

Classic combination number two, which again needn’t be an exact match. I’ve shown textured and patterned bags with solid and distressed belts. Remember that your outfit needs to look sufficiently pulled together without the bag because you don’t usually carry it around with you when you work in an office. 

3. Match Bag and Footwear

A great one for when you’re out and about holding your bag most of the time. It’s also a flop proof way to pull together a formal outfit with dressy shoe and clutch. 

4. Match Scarf and Bag

Another nice combination for when you’re out and about. It’s an excellent way to pull together a cold weather outfit when you’re not wearing a hat. Matching a solid bag with printed scarf works like a charm. 

5. Match Scarf and Footwear

This combination works well throughout the year. You don’t need cold weather layers to make it work, and it does not rely on a bag to pull the look together. It’s a great one for the office because it’s bag-free. 

6. Match Scarf and Hat 

This combination works particularly well in cold weather because it’s all about bundling up. Match the colour of your hat with a scarf and feel festive and warm all day. It’s a nice way to inject a bit of colour and texture into your outfit and wardrobe. 

I use all of these options to pull together my own outfits, but tend to use the #1 and #3 the most. How about you?