Retail items in the United States can unexpectedly go on sale. You purchase a wardrobe item one week only to find that it’s discounted the next. Or you find the same piece at a lower price somewhere else. If your purchase was recent, some retailers will give you a price adjustment, or even match the lower price of the item at another retailer. But often you’ve paid the higher price for the item and that’s that.

This is definitely frustrating, but things will probably balance out when you save money on unexpected bargains. What you lose on the swings, you’ll gain on the roundabouts.

Also, there is nothing wrong with paying full price for an item. There are all sorts of reasons why doing so can be a good idea. For instance, some wardrobe items are time sensitive, which means that you can’t wait for them to be discounted. You run the risk of missing the item in your size and preferred colour if you wait for the sale. Perhaps most importantly, you are likely to be more discerning about a purchase when you pay full price. This can help to ensure that you add the right pieces to your wardrobe. 

So next time you pay full price and then see the item go on sale and fail to get a price adjustment, try to relax into it. Don’t let it affect your enjoyment of the item. There are many bargains to be had, and you’ll hit the jackpot the next time round.