I had my heart set on photographing this new-to-me smart casual outfit combination, so I wore it despite the wet and windy weather. Taking the pictures was a little challenging. Venturing out when the rain briefly slowed to a drizzle did not prevent my flares from getting soggy, my specs and hair from getting wet, and my fringe from frizzing. I was also concerned about messing up my cream boots and coat. All factors making this a great example of what NOT to wear on a very wet Seattle day. That said, I did recently wear this outfit on a beautifully crisp and dry Autumn day and I loved it. 

I’ve had my Love Story Jeans for a while, but have only featured them once on YLF. This is not at all an indication of how frequently I wear them (or the version I have of the same jeans in white.) They are my go-to dressy jeans and I love them — in part because my in-house fashion stylist Greg thinks fitted flares are elegant, fun and flattering.


My treasured Love Storys were the first pair of jeans to refresh my jeans capsule. They were quite the change from my exclusively tapered jeans style and I haven’t looked back. They are dramatic and deliciously ‘70s. And since I’m thoroughly enjoying adding Retro touches to my style this year, they’re getting even more wear than last year. They also feel luxurious worn at the extra long length. As long as I wear them in dry weather, we are good to go.

Rainy Flares - Coat Open

Flared hems beg to be paired with pointy toe footwear because the toe boxes peak out really well. Bookending my hair and picking up the Winter white in the rest of the outfit made a new pair of speckled Matisse Nugent booties a good match. I’ve had the exact same boots in leopard print for years, wearing them into the ground because they’re very comfortable and versatile. Getting a second pair in a different shade of neutral made lots of sense. 

Rainy Flares - Coat Closed

I’m not usually drawn to Fair Isle knitwear, but unexpectedly fell for this jumper at this year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Its colours are repeated in my hair, and the trendy tapered sleeve length resembles fingerless gloves. The horizontal pattern broadens my narrow shoulder line and my long neck likes the high neckline. Plus it’s ultra warm, soft and cozy despite the cropped length. I like Winter white paired with this shade of blue because the effect is pretty. 

Rainy Flares - Jumper Close

Rainy Flares - Jumper Rain

Rainy Flares - Jumper Full Bag

My six year old military Winter white coat is a favourite that gets worn quite a bit each year. It’s amazing how well the quality has held up. No stains, pilling, puckered edges from dry cleaning, or tears in the lining. Not as much as a loose button. I like how the coat pulls together the rest of the Winter white in the outfit. And an outfit rich in Winter white makes me happy — even in the rain. 

Rainy Flares - Jumper Full

I chose an old cream patterned belt because the oval belt buckle adds another ‘70s touch, and the pattern gels with the Fair Isle. Gold bag, green specs and my wedding ring are all I need in the jewellery department. I did leave off my big gold watch because it bulges under the sleeves of the pullover. 

Wearing fitted flared jeans with cropped knitwear, belt, boots and wool coat is another one of my new Fall and Winter uniforms — weather permitting of course.  It’s a more tailored look that defines the contour of my body. Quite a different vibe from wearing baggy knitwear and boyfriend jeans for the last three years. When I noted that I look more curvy in this outfit, Greg said with enthusiasm, “That’s GREAT!”. So I felt fabulous despite my soggy hems.

Rainy Flares - Coat Open

Rainy Flares - Coat Open