I’m helping some of my clients refresh their jeans capsule, which is extra fun because I’m currently refreshing my own jeans capsule too. Although clients are still wearing straight legs, skinnies and streamlined boyfriend jeans, those who wear jeans several times a week, or daily, are ready for a change. These are the silhouettes I’ve been recommending to them across an assortment of washes. 

Flared Jeans

Think full length bootcuts or bell-bottom jeans that are dramatically flared at the hems. Both silhouettes are fitted on the thighs, and this structure makes them easier to pair with fluid and oversized tops. Choose high or low rises depending on your preference. Personally, I like flared jeans best with a low, mid or high heel worn with extra long hems that almost skim the surface of the ground. Elegant and retro. 

Cropped Kick Flare Jeans

These bootcut or straight leg jeans are cropped above the ankle, creating a subtle or dramatic flare on the hem. Choose a mid or high rise. To ensure a longer leg line, wear cropped kick flares with ankle strap footwear, or booties with higher shafts to close the gap. They look nice with low contrast pumps too. They are harder — but not impossible — to wear with flat, high-contrasting, high-vamped footwear. Showcasing the waistband of the jeans with a full tuck or semi tuck further lengthens the leg line, as does wearing a column of colour. 

Cropped Skinnies

These are the easiest silhouette to elongate because the tapered hem draws the eye up and down. As with cropped kick flares, wear them with ankle strap footwear, or booties with higher shafts to close the gap. Or with footwear that is the same colour as, or low contrast to, the skinnies. 

Cuffed Jeans 

These are a fun throwback to the ‘90s. They are a slam dunk on tall gals because of “built-in height”, but shorter gals can absolutely wear them too. Great with high heels. You might need to semi-tuck the top to elongate the leg line from the hips up if you’re wearing flats and are long waisted. 

Denim culottes or gauchos also look fresh, and are great styled in the same way you would style a flared skirt. Coloured jeans, especially in burgundy and olive, look fresh to my eye too. 

Thanks to unseasonably mild and dry Seattle weather, I’ve been wearing my extra long flared blue and white jeans all year long and love the change. I am thoroughly enjoying the throwback to ‘70s fashion. I’ve also been frequently wearing the Current Elliot cropped kick flare jeans that I got at the NAS. I’m looking into getting another pair of cropped kick flares to wear with high-shaft booties. They are going to be my casual uniform for Fall & Winter as I retire my blue boyfriend jeans.