I recently suggested bootcut trousers with trendy blouses for Summer. But now that Fall is on the horizon, I’ve been helping clients jazz up their bootcut trousers with trendy pullovers for the office, events, or out to dinner. 

Remember that bootcuts are fitted on the thigh, which creates plenty of structure to pair them with roomy tops. Feel free to pair these pullovers with bootcut jeans for casual settings too. Dramatic, romantic, fashionable and comfortable. 

1. Ruffled Pullovers

Ruffles look fresh this season, probably because they’ve been scarce for seven years. Think beyond the ruffled blouse and go for a roomy pullover with a ruffled hem. Mixed media options are fun because they are texturally interesting. Fitted ruffles on the waist like peplums are another option, as are ruffles that cascade diagonally down the front and back of the pullovers. Create a low contrast between the trousers and pullover if you’re concerned with the top creating a horizontally cutting line across the body, or looking short in the leg. 

2. High-Low Pullovers

Roomy pullovers with high-low hemlines are excellent to pair with bootcuts because the shorter front provides further structure to the outfit. Styles run the gamut with fronts that are dramatically shorter than the back and others where the difference is more subtle. Fits can be fairly streamlined through the torso, or fashionably oversized.


3. Asymmetrical Pullovers 

Pullovers with asymmetrical front hemlines are the most avant-garde pairing of the three, and just as fab. Silhouettes can be long or short, tailored or boxy, and any colour or pattern. Keep the contrast between the top and bottom low if you’re after more vertical integrity in your outfit. 


Finishing off the look with a short chunky statement necklace or funky pendant necklace adds polish to high-low and asymmetrical sweaters. Dressy pointy toe heels —  a slam dunk with flared hems — add further polish. 

You’re after a roomy cocoon coat, cape, poncho, swing coat or man coat as the topper if the pullovers are chunky. But my clients seem to be managing just fine layering with trench coats, trapeze jackets, peacoats and leather jackets over fine gauge knitwear. A short jacket looks best over these styles of pullover when it creates a low contrast against the top. If it creates a high contrast, wear it over a column of colour.