Almost every Summer I hack off the length of an old pair of bottoms to create a more updated look. Last year I chopped an old pair of Gap boyfriend jeans to create a pair of boyfriend shorts. I kept the length to just above the knee with a rolled hem and wear the shorts on ultra casual hot days at home or walking Sam, our Yorkie pup. I much prefer them as shorts than I did as jeans.

Just last week I shortened a very old pair of white KUT from the Kloth Diana skinnies to an inch above the ankle to create a tidy and crisp visual effect with my new block-heeled snakeskin ankle strap pumps and white tunic shirt.

I’d worn this exact outfit before the chop, rolling the hems of the full-length skinnies to showcase the straps of the shoes. But I didn’t like the roll with the outfit because it wasn’t sufficiently streamlined and looked too casual. Scissors and a quick hem sorted that out, and I’m much happier with the dressier and more fashionable look. 

Anyone else a little scissor-happy in the Summer? I have to say that it’s fun, and cost-effective, creating “new” silhouettes with the items in your wardrobe. It’s amazing how these small changes instantly make your style feel refreshed.