Outfit 11 in the series on Angie’s travel capsule for a 4 week trip

Last week we left Amsterdam and flew to London to spend some time with my brother Hugo, his wife Keri, and their son Seb. After a busy time in the Netherlands, we were looking forward to a few days of rest and relaxation in my brother’s lovely home. We last saw my brother and his family for my 40th five years ago. Then my nephew was a little lad and now he towers over me. 

My brother took us to Richmond a few days ago and we thoroughly enjoyed a bit of the English countryside. Unfortunately, Keri couldn’t join us. For my day with the boys, I combined cropped high waisted skinnies – the most popular jeans style on the streets of London – with a short sleeved black turtleneck, white booties, sea foam leather jacket and turquoise satchel. 

Richmond Angie - Full

Richmond Angie - Close

We parked the car at Ham House and walked along the river Thames all the way into Richmond. It is a beautiful path, complete with Victorian era signposts, impressive manor houses, and bright green pastures where cattle and horses still graze.

Richmond - Manor House

This was the first time I experienced a little hole in my travel capsule. I would have preferred a pair of sneakers for our walk along the stoney path alongside the Thames. Perhaps I should have packed a pair for this eventuality, but then again, if you pack for all eventualities you end up having lots of things you don’t wear. It’s the essential trade off of packing for a long trip.

Richmond - Hugo & Sebs

Richmond - Sebs & Angie

Richmond - Hugo

Along the way we saw lots of horses. On fields, in paddocks and with riders. It stirred up my longing to do horse riding again and I’ll have to think more about how I want to achieve that when I get back home.  

Richmond - Piebald

Richmond, like many English towns, is awfully quaint. It was lovely walking through the streets and along the bustling riverside area. We had lunch at a very typical English pub. 

Richmond - Row Houses

Richmond - Jaguar

Richmond - Hugo & Sebs

Richmond - Pub

The stroll back through the woods along narrow paths and bricked walls was even nicer than walking along the river. We saw more horses, lots of happy doggies, and lots of other people enjoying the countryside. Great day.

Richmond - Alley

Richmond - Walls

Richmond - Tree Lined Path