Outfit 10 in the series on Angie’s travel capsule for a 4 week trip

The first thing you’ll notice about this post is that Angie isn’t writing it. We’ve been taking pictures of Angie’s outfit every day and of course only some of them make it into a post. I was particularly motivated to post this one, however, because I was a bit unhappy with the quality of my picture of Angie’s outfit in SeaTac. I had been hoping to find a place with nice light and some typical airport signage in the background, but in the end it was just an ugly, gloomy airport departure gate in a state of disrepair.

Then we were in Schiphol Airport for our flight from Amsterdam to London and I saw exactly the situation I had been hoping for in SeaTac. Also, air travel in general is such a great opportunity for fun photography. So we took a few pictures before boarding our flight.

Schiphol - City Jet

As for Angie’s outfit, I think it’s a perfect travelling ensemble. Casual and practical, but also pulled together. I love the denim on denim, made subtle by dark wash on top and light wash on the bottom. And I do think that mixed media denim jacket is fantastic.

Schiphol - Close

Schiphol - Full