This ensemble was inspired by forum member Debbie who combined an old pair of black ankle pants with Karen Kane’s Asymmetrical Wrap Hem Top and Franco Sarto’s Holt Flats. She finished off the outfit with a statement necklace and looked absolutely smashing. The combination is a variation on the fashionable business casual ensemble I posted a few weeks ago. 

Choose any colour palette. Here are the components of the ensemble:  

Ankle Pants: You’re after slim-fit ankle pants in a solid or pattern. The ankle pants should finish a few inches above the ankle to showcase the ankle strap of the footwear. Debbie created a high-contrast look between the top, pants and shoes – which is the outfit on the left – but feel free to create a lower contrast between the items like the centre outfits that combine a black top with cobalt or black ankle pants. Or choose patterned ankle pants and combine with a solid top. 

Drapey Top: Choose a knit or woven top with an asymmetrical hemline and lots of drape to wear over the pants. I chose a white ruched drape front top, a black shark bite top, and a drapey blush tank with a side point hem. It’s important that the fronts, or part of the fronts of the tops are fairly short to maintain long proportions on the leg line.

Ankle Strap Footwear: Ankle strap footwear is a match made in heaven with ankle strap pants. Choose flats or heels with ankle straps that are positioned on or above the ankle bone. Ankle straps that are positioned below the ankle bone do not have the same visual effect. High-vamped sandal booties with ankle straps are another way to go. 

Accessories: Finish off the look with a handbag that works with the outfit. Add jewellery, headgear, eyewear and watch as desired. 

As an optional extra, top off the outfit with a vest, denim jacket, lightweight moto, or boxy trapeze silhouette jacket.

Ensemble: Ankle Pants, Drapey Top & Ankle Straps