My feet need time to get used to Spring and Summer footwear styles after an Autumn and Winter of comfortable, cushioning socks and hosiery. I’ve found that it helps to have a strategy for transitioning into footwear that exposes more of the foot without the protection of socks or knee-highs. Here’s mine:

  1. Pedicures: The best part about having regular pedicures — either at a salon or a DIY job at home — is that the treatment toughens up your feet and keeps toenails at a healthy length. Their polished appearance is an added bonus. Having regular pedicures has helped my feet more than I thought it would. 
  2. BodyGlide: This anti-chafing balm is a gift from the fashion angels. It doesn’t feel sticky at all. In fact, I can barely feel the balm on my skin. I rub it liberally on the areas of my feet that feel sensitive when I’m wearing open and strappy Spring and Summer footwear at the start of the season. Even for shoes that were extremely comfortable without BodyGlide at the end of the season before.
  3. Shorter wears at the start of the season: I wear Summer-y shoes for shorter runs to begin with so that my feet can get used to the styles more gradually. Exactly like I would for new shoes that need breaking in.

Count yourself lucky if the transition from booties with socks, pumps with hose, and slipper flats with knee-highs to Spring and Summer footwear is an easy one. I have to be a little more thoughtful about the transition, but have it under control by doing the three things above. I’m all ears if you have further tips to share.

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