This ensemble was inspired by a casual street style look I pinned for some of my clients. Olive bottoms can be hard to match, but they generally work well with a black and white support act, or paired just with black. 

Here are three ways to combine the colours to get you going. In all three cases I’ve chosen black footwear. The four pairs here can be remixed across the outfits. I’ve also chosen a tote and a fringed backpack that can be worn across all three looks. 

Olive Jeans, Striped Top & Moto

Combine a pair of casual olive pants with a black and white striped T-shirt or pullover. Top off with a black moto, black short or tall boots, and black tote. A pair of casual khakis, cargo pants or skinnies work well as bottoms. A black blazer or trench coat can be substituted for the moto. Feel free to turn the outfit formula on its head by wearing an olive jacket with black jeans. 

Black Bottoms & Olive Pullover

This option is for Team Cozy and Comfortable. Pair stonewashed black jeans, jet black jeans or leather jeggings with an oversized olive pullover. Finish off the look with a pair of boots, flats or heels, and black bag of your choosing. If you’re after a crisper integrity, layer a white button-down shirt under the roomy pullover. Add black outerwear for extra insulation. 

Olive Skirt with Black Top & Topper

Combine an olive pencil skirt with a black welted sweatshirt or pullover. An asymmetrical sweater works well too. Top with a black poncho, cape, moto, trench coat or blazer. Throw in sheer black or opaque tights to wear with boots, flats or pumps. A black fringed bag is a trendy addition to this version. Finish off the look with jewellery, eyewear and watch as desired. 

I’ve used solids, but olive patterns would be great too. Camouflage pants count as olive pants, and a patterned scarf will amp up outfit interest. A white or gold bag can work instead of black. And combine black trousers with an olive sweater and black footwear for a business casual look.

Ensemble: Olive and Black