Hong Kong is equal parts glitz and grit. Things are as clean, immaculate and luxurious as they are grimy, run-down and cluttered. Life is as fancy as it is basic and simple. Cutting-edge modern is grounded by the traditional and classic. The new and the old live in harmony, complementing each other. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but we find the mix exhilarating and energizing. 

Greg and I are on foot most of time in Hong Kong because it’s the best way to feel the pulse of the city and appreciate the surroundings. On this particular day (the morning before we went to One Dim Sum) Greg was putting a new wide angle lens through its paces. We started out by taking some pictures from the rooftop balcony of our hotel. Then Greg took some more pictures of buildings as we walked from Central to Admiralty, two adjacent neighbourhoods on Hong Kong island. 

Some of the buildings are truly awe-inspiring. Big, beautiful jewels on the Hong Kong skyline. City glitz at its best.






Bank of China



Double Decker