Jeans or trousers that are fitted on the waist and hips but flared from the knees down are ideal for this outfit formula. They provide ample structure to compensate for the unstructured, drapey tops. Bootcuts work well because they are tailored to the knee. But wide-leg trousers that flare out from the top of the hips down creates extra volume that might make you feel bigger and wider than you are, especially when pairing them with an untucked boxy blouse. 

The on-trend, drape front blouse is a great way to reinvent a pair of bootcuts. Wear this outfit formula daily to a business casual office and create sufficient outfit variety by changing up the colours and patterns of the tops, bottoms and shoes. This can be a “uniform”, with a range of neutral bottoms that are combined with the same style top in a variety of colours. An assortment of footwear can further change up the look. 

Here are the components:

Flared leg trousers or jeans: Choose bootcut trousers or jeans. Wearing bottoms that are more flared than bootcuts works well when the style is tailored on the hips and thighs. Think denim in all sorts of colours, and trousers in neutral solids and patterns. 

Drape Front Top: Drape front blouses are also known as wrap front blouses. They are roomy and usually run quite big, so size down a size. They can be worn untucked and loose, or partially tucked in front. The V-neckline and tapered sleeves give the style just enough structure. Choosing drape font blouses in soft woven or knitted fabrics that collapse back onto the body offsets the boxy silhouette. Sleeveless styles work well in hot weather. 

Pointy Toe Footwear: Pointy toe footwear is my preference for flared jeans and trouser styles because they peek out from under the hems. The effect is especially elegant as you stride and if you wear your hem lengths long (almost skimming the surface of the ground, even with heels). You’ll get away with pointy toe flats if your leg line is extra long, but generally a heel of 1.5 inches or higher works best with flared bottoms. The heels are especially important here because the untucked blouse also shortens the leg line, especially when the top and bottom create a high contrast.

The pointy shape of the toe box further elongates the leg. Most styles of closed shoes are available with a pointy toe box. Think pumps, booties, oxfords and loafers across solids and patterns. 

Accessories: Finish off the outfit with a bag of your choice. I added patterned bags for extra outfit interest, across a clutch and tote which provides ample variety in a work week. Add jewellery, watch and eyewear as desired. 

Top off the outfit with a trench coat, long coat or maxi cardigan. Something about a long topper layer creates an elegant effect over this outfit combination. Shorter blazers, denim and moto jackets can also work, and look especially good on petites.

Ensemble: Flares, Drape Front Tops & Pointy Toes