Flared trousers and jeans are popping up all over the runway for Fall/Winter 2015, and they have been the talk of the town on fashion sites these last few weeks. It’s fun to see how opinions on the “new flares” differ widely. Have a look:

Fab Links from Our Members

Torontogirl is constantly tempted by the thought of a uniform to make life simple and easy, and enjoyed Alice Gregory’s take on it.

Vildy really likes Malky’s blog that pairs up a vintage photo, movie stills, and retro runway looks with what is being shown today, because that is exactly how she looks at trends and shops.

Jackiec lets us know that Uniqlo is coming to Canada.

This slideshow shows how diverse the connection between music and style is. Ingunn found it interesting to see a lot of the older stylish musicians in particular. Their influence on fashion and style is undeniable.

Lili could not hold back her own tears as she watched Norwegian bloggers having a strong emotional reaction to the sad reality of Cambodian garment workers. Suz had the same reaction, and adds: “Especially in light of our ongoing discussions about fast fashion on the forum. I feel that I would like to do something about this.”

Caro in Oz enjoyed reading this interview with Johanna F. Schneider, a European sportswear designer who considers form and function, and has a training collection for Nike.

Angie would like to share the best seasonally confused street style outfit she’s seen: exposed feet in furry Birkenstocks with Winter woollies.

The issue of static cling has come up on the forum, and who hasn’t been plagued by this at one time or another? Claudia wishes she had known about this easy solution years ago.

Annagybe finds Fashion What Ifs, Eudora Peterson’s new video series on Jezebel, pretty darn funny.

Shipskitty points out it’s our last chance to go see the “Death Becomes Her” exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York about mourning attire from 1815 to 1915. The exhibition closes on 1 February.