You may have noticed that T-shirts and knitwear with words both on the front and back are gaining popularity. I don’t mean clothing that advertises the name of the label of the item, but rather other words that convey a mood, feeling, opinion, or action or just something funny. 

If you’d asked me ten years ago, I probably would have said that it was a look reserved for kids and teens. But over the years I’ve changed my mind. I have come to appreciate there may be emotion behind the slogan for the wearer. And I can see how the look itself can be incorporated into fashionable outfits. After all, our style is a form of self expression, and if the words on a top express how you feel, why not wear it? The effect looks modern and reflects our ever more casual lifestyles.  

Check out these street style shots of slogan tops in stylish action: 

Tops with slogans do make a statement and attract attention. They invite people to look at your outfit and read the words on your top, so you have to decide whether you are okay with that. The look is more subtle with a topper layered over to make the slogan less obvious.

I have clients of all ages who wear these tops, although most of them prefer to layer them under toppers. Some will wear them unlayered in extra casual environments. I don’t have any myself, probably because I haven’t yet found a slogan that appeals to me. If I found one that pulled at my heartstrings, I would definitely try it on. 

Over to you. What’s your take on tops with slogans? Are they fun and expressive, or are they are cheesy, juvenile and overly eye-catching.

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