During the holiday season we come across articles with make-up tips for parties or gift suggestions for beauty products almost daily. The ones below caught my attention because their angle is a little different.

Fab Links from Our Members

Carole came across these tips for solving common shoe fit problems.

SarahTheWhite cannot get enough of Gwen Stefani’s style on “The Voice”. Sarah explains: “While so many of her looks are not ones I could (or would want to) pull off, the range of looks that she experiments with — clothing, makeup, shoes, accessories, hair — is broad and intense. The inspiration is limitless! In motion, on the show, her look ‘When Mod Meets Bardot’ was incredible. She looked soft and gorgeous.”

Alexandra enjoyed Janice’s musings about the “number” wardrobes and how they might work in real life.

We know that Marsala is the Pantone colour for 2015, but Joy wondered what the rest of the colours were. So she found this video with a fun description of each.

Dimity recommends this article about clothing during wartime, including comments on how to make a small wardrobe versatile.

Sally has super helpful space saving wardrobe storage tricks. Angie agrees that storing shoes “heel-out, heel-in” works especially well.

Laurinda reports that for-profit Savers thrift stores has been accused of misrepresenting what happens to donated items.

In fashion the idea of minimalism often gets tied to the idea of paring down the wardrobe to the “perfect” items. One is supposed to “curate” the wardrobe. This post describes the phenomenon and shows how tricky the search for perfection is and how little it really has to do with minimalism in its truest sense. Astrid loves Kali’s suggestion of replacing perfection with adequacy

Astrid also recommends this second post about the importance of objects in a simple life, and started a forum discussion about this topic with lots of food for thought.