I found this blog recently and have been browsing and reading bits and pieces since then. Two great posts that I thought I would share - "The importance of objects" and "On perfection".

With all these ideas of creating a minimal wardrobe floating around the net, I think it's important to realise what simple living and minimalism really is about. A lot of blogs talking about minimal wardrobes aren't really about simple living or minimalism, because they still feed consumerism. It's all about curating, finding the perfect pieces. Perfect for whom? Even if that means unnecessary upgrading of items that are perfectly fine. And I'm often falling for it myself. I'm liking the idea of a minimal or at least small wardrobe more and more. And the first thing I do is wonder which item would be perfect and starting to look for it. As if my minimal wardrobe can only be made up by new clothes and not by what I already have. Of course I really do need some replacements, but I found myself thinking about buying items anew that I already have and that are perfectly adequate.

The only thing that rescued me from going on a shopping spree the last few weeks was that I had decided to shop sustainable brands as often as possible and the prices always made me pull back at the last second. And you know what? I felt perfectly fine without those pieces in the meantime. So right now I only have two things on order: a new black belt in the right size (the other one didn't work out) and a black merino wool cami to replace my two worn out viscose ones.

One other thing that almost did me in recently was the class reunion meet up that is going to be right after Christmas. I found myself wondering which things I could buy to wear to that meet up that would also be useful to me afterwards. Because I would be buying something for it, right? Reading these posts made me realise that there is absolutely no need to buy something new and "perfect" for that class reunion. So I went into my wardrobe and had a look and I'm going to wear the outfit you can see in #3/4. All pieces that I wear from day to day anyway so no need for a special outfit that I need to pack and I will be comfortable in it both when it's warm and when it's chilly. (The shirt isn't ironed, so please ignore that. I might also be tucking instead of tying it.)

I definitely have to think on this some more and I will keep digging into that blog for sure. We'll see what happens.


I also think this whole concept of purging your stuff is really tied in with that concept of perfection. Purging unused or "not good enough" items makes sense, but only if you change your stance to shopping and don't replace all those things with other things you don't need.

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